Inductee Spotlight: Gigi Gryce
Gigi Gryce came up playing bop alto in Hartford and Boston, and went on to a sterling career as reedman, arranger, and teacher.

Hall of Fame Traveling Exhibit

The New England Jazz Hall of Fame exhibit consists of 21 panels, each measuring 4x3 feet, with the lead panel acting as an introduction. Each of the others is dedicated to one of the 20 Hall inductees, and contains biographical material, outstanding photographs by some of America’s most accomplished photographers, and a short appreciation piece by an outstanding jazz writer.

The panels can be hung or displayed on the easels provided. When facilities allow, the exhibit also may include additional paintings, music and memorabilia related to the New England jazz scene. NEJA’s presentations work best when they are paired with local concerts, initiatives, or courses of study.

Thanks to relationships with outstanding jazz artists, educators, photographers, writers, broadcasters, film makers, and historians, NEJA can supplement its exhibit with a variety of programs to accommodate audiences of all ages and special interests.

For more information about the New England Jazz Hall of Fame exhibit and related programs, contact Prof. Richard Falco, the New England Jazz Hall of Fame Faculty Curator, at