Inductee Spotlight: Jimmy Mosher
Mosher's facile tenor and baritone saxophone work left its imprint on the Woody Herman, Buddy Rich, and Herb Pomeroy big bands.
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  • Afribeat. I was introduced to this site by Eric Alan of JAZZ RENDEZVOUS from South Africa. I have not had time to really explore it, but it looks very interesting.
  • All About Jazz, an on-line magazine that icludes a directory of musicians.
  • The American Rag claims to be "America's Largest Traditional Jazz and Ragtime Newspaper."
  • DOWN BEAT perhaps the oldest continuously published magazine about Jazz.
  • Jerry The Jazz Musician an interesting Web-zine and store. The store has books for children and some nice artwork.
  • E Jazz News an on-line magazine that will send you daily jazz news bulletins. I have not had time to really explore it but it looks quite interesting.
  • Jazz Corner a promotional site featuring well established Jazz musicians and related businesses. There is also a calendar page that lists performances by state at subscribing venues.
  • interesting on-line jazz magazine from Nice France. In both French and English, it reports mostly on the Continental scene. If you have trouble loading it with Netscape, try it with Internet Explorer.
  • Jazz House, the Web-site of the Jazz Journalists Assn., has many article and a discussion board.
  • Jazz Improv, a quarterly that has a strong focus on the needs and interests of players as well as article of interest to the non-playing Jazz fan.
  • Jazz Institute of Chicago is a Jazz society and more. With an on-line magazine and a collection of oral histories it fits in three catagories on this list. It is a good source for more links in the Jazz Web-world. The magazine, naturally, focuses on the Chicago scene.
  • Jazziz, a magazine that favors the smooth-jazz scene.
  • "Here you will discover talented groups from around the world, sound clips from their recordings, links to great jazz sites, and coming soon, information on jazz events, venues, services and merchandise."
  • Jazz Plus has news, opinions and reviews, also webcasts of concerts, downloads and an on-line store.
  • Jazz Promo is an on-line record store with profiles of and interviews with artists.
  • Jazz Programmers Mailing List is an e-mail commuincation network for jazz radio programers and others professionally involved with the music.
  • Jazz has news of European jazz labels and the Munich jazz scene as well as book reviews and links to other sites, especially on the European scene.
  • Jazz Review is and on-line magazine with Cd reviews, interviews and a monthly e-mail newsletter.
  • Jazz Times, originally published as "Radio Free Jazz", it has expanded over the years from a publication addressed to the Jazz Radio community into a comprehensive and substantual periodical.
  • Jazz USA is a jazz Web-zine that is now in its fith year of 'publication.'
  • Jazz Valley reports on events, festivals, venues and musicians world-wide.
  • Jazz Week has jumped into the breach left by Gavin's withdrawal from jazz radio play reporting. It is the latest incranation of Yellow Dog Jazz Report.
  • The Mississippi Rag is perhaps the largest magazine devoted to the Trad Jazz and Ragtime scene.
  • Music Dish bills itself as the "Roadmap to the digital revolution." Whatever, it has reviews and article on a wide range of musical topics.
  • New England Trad Jazz Plus covers the Trad Jazz scene in New England, with news and performance listings. It also has links to other relevant web sites.
  • NewMusicBox is the on-ine magazine of the American Music Center. It is concerned mostly with the "classical" music world but there is some Jazz news.
  • Off-Beat Magazine the music magazine of New Orleans, LA.
  • Svensk Musik STIM, the Swedeish Perfroming Rights Society, publishes an annual booklet on Jazz in Sweden, which you can download in PDF at this site.
  • The Swedish Jazz Federation "Here you will find the most correct lists of swedish jazz clubs and festivals, the latest news, cd recomendations and lots of links."